trenton, nj 12/50

State Bird: Goldfinch                                                                                                                     State Flower: Violet

“The Glory of New Jersey”, a Boehm porcelain statue that is three feet high! It was created in 1995. It incorporates all of the state symbols into its craftsmanship.

On our way to Trenton, we stopped for a glorious two day retreat visiting Grandma Judy and her husband David. She is “technically” our sweet Posie’s birth-grandmother, but she is warm and inviting and simply lovely to both our girls. A true grandmotherly type of lady, to be sure. They live in a cute little neighborhood that is filled with deer, just outside of historic Clinton, NJ. Posie helped with dinner, and Harper went on errands with Grandma Judy during Posie’s (and my) nap time. They had a cake and gifts to celebrate Posie’s birthday all together, which was so incredibly sweet. Harper mentioned that their backyard could use a pool, and so she went and bought a blow up pool for the girls to play in! How ridiculously sweet is THAT!?

Grandma Judy and David (LOVE them so!)
Grandma Judy and her little helper.
Rolling up the baked potatoes for the grill.
Happy birthday!!
Picnicking in their front yard after a bike ride.
Cooling off with pool and popsicles.
Blowing ALL the bubbles on their gorgeous back deck.

We drove into Clinton to walk around, see the Red Mill, and get some ice cream at the cutest little shop. Posie struck up a conversation with a street performer, of course, and he had to play a song especially for her. He played “Happiness” from the Charlie Brown musical on his German horn. How fitting, since Posie’s middle name means “she who brings happiness”, and here we were, visiting with Grandma Judy and David. It was a precious and magical moment, holding so much significance for me. It was all I could do to hold back the waterworks, y’all.

The Red Mill, and a typical family picture of us clowns.

We were sad to say goodbye, but it was time to keep on moving, so we headed into Trenton, NJ to visit the capitol building.

YOU GUYS!! This was the most difficult capitol building to get into. We could ONLY do a guided tour, we had to come back at a specific time for that tour, we had to have our drivers licenses copied for their files, AND the windows were boarded up because it was about to undergo a HUGE renovation that Chris Christie apparently threw in as he finished up his second term. We heard lots of controversy surrounding all of that. We did, however, have a hysterically dry- and quick-witted tour guide, so that made it more fun. This arial photo (found on the interwebs) shows the craziness that is the NJ state house. Just look at all of the different styles of buildings all connected together, seemingly haphazardly, and that nothing is symetrical. It looks like there was basically no plan as they added on new space to the original building.

The inside is just as disconnected.

The guards’ security area had plastic attached to the interior of the windows to keep them warm in the winters. They said that they get a ten mph breeze even through the plastic on cold winter days.

NOT our favorite capitol building.
But…we still had fun!
Rusty seal. 

Interestingly, they used fake wood and fake marble in addition to using the real thing, because at the time, it was a showcase of their superb craftmanship to create a replica of the real thing. Back then, everyone was using marble and wood, but in NJ, they had the manufacturing ability to create passable fakes to show off to visiting dignitaries.

Fake wood, fake marble walls, real marble bannister.

Chris was born in Tom’s River, New Jersey, so we snagged a picture of his Ocean County flag.

I married a man from Jersey Shore.
There were some beautiful stained glass.
The state seal.
A better view of the dome.
Boarded up windows.
Off to the next one!



4 thoughts on “trenton, nj 12/50

  1. I know the place is like its one big secret on how to maneuver through the different annexes and different floor with all the additions over the years covering the hilly area—I always had to think twice to figure out where I needed to go. But, the place is loaded with symbolism with the state colors and symbols all over (even in the rugs!). Did you know that the big chandelier you took a photo of is from Thomas Edison? I’m hoping that all these renovations make the place much better! It is in the center of one of the oldest cities and didn’t have much room to grow. Officials always hoped that government would be able to spur more growth in the area, but unfortunately, it only ever brought government workers who were only there for the day–so it became an empty place at night and on the weekends! Manufacturing was huge (did you see the bridge with the bridge-long sign “Trenton Makes The World Takes”?) but has dwindled and middle-class folks have fled to the suburbs, leaving the city downtrodden and with a rise in crime. Poor, poor Trenton…..

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    1. Yes!! I remember the rugs and the chandelier and the gorgeous stained glass and hand painted walls. So much beauty among great chaos! It’s most definitely a capital not soon forgotten. Our favorite part of New Jersey was seeing you guys, ❤️


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