hartford, ct 11/50

State Bird: Robin                                                                                                                             State Flower: Mountain Laurel

I hate that there has been such a long pause before this post, as it’s not a very exciting one at ALL. Posie even slept through this capital stop altogether! Chris and I are trying to find a schedule that fits in all that we want to do and need to do, while having time to do the fun things along the way. We have learned that while boondocking is free, make sure you have a full fresh water tank and that you may not have internet, and your girls may not have much to do. We are finding balance in it all, splurge on an amazing campsite, and then boondock. We would rather not pay for a campsite that we aren’t excited about staying at. The more we save, the bigger our savings account will get and the closer we get to our goal trip of Honolulu, HI! I’m all in, y’all. Walmart parking lots here we come! (That’s actually a last resort, but it’s not too bad.)

ANYway, Hartford was the second capital of the day for us, as we headed to New Jersey to see Grandma Judy and David  for two days We actually drove through 5 states total today and caught a glimpse of NYC as we got stuck inn traffic going over the George Washington Bridge. We plan to have more time and get to NYC at a later date. Harper has her heart set on seeing Cats, and of course, we will try the lottery to see Hamilton. I actually picked up the Hamilton biography to read and get my stories straight as I brush up on my history. I have pretty much exhausted all of wikipedia.

Speaking of Hamilton, we spied a Lafayette statue near the capitol building!
There were statues on the facade that were important people to the state’s history.
Sunnie’s catching a view.
Number 11, minus one silly princess.
They had just closed, so we couldn’t make it inside.
So much detail in the marble, and so fancy!

One more sticker on the back of Sunnie!

It is a HUGE deal as to whose turn it is to put the sticker on, y’all. 😉

Next stop, New Jersey!


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