providence, ri 10/50

State Bird: Rhode Island Red (A CHICKEN, y’all! LOVE!)                                                       State Flower: Violet

We were sad to leave our friends in Boston, but we were exited that our sweet friend Chris, the infamous Matt Burgess’ mom, was going to meet us in Providence for lunch. She met us at the capitol building and even got in on our silly selfie action! This building looks a lot like the Nation’s Capitol building and was even a stand in for it in the movie Amistad. Another interesting fact about the exterior is that the dome on top is the fourth largest self-supporting marble dome in the world. Not too shabby for the smallest state in the Union.

Such a fancy capitol building. ALL the marble!
Number TEN! Hey Ms. Chris!
We have had some gorgeous clouds on our travels, don’t you think?
One of just the fam.

Once inside, things got fancier. There was so much to see, there were pieces of moon rock, and the painting of George Washington that his eyes will follow you as you walk around the room. Its the painting that the dollar bill used for his likeness. But first, as soon as you walk through security, you are face to face with this Gettysburg cannon. As we read about it, we learned that it was shot with a cannonball that was fired and it dented the end of the Gettysburg cannon and then split the fired ball and one pice took off a guy’s arm, and one sliced another guys’ head in two. The next soldiers in line quickly stepped up to reload the cannon, but was made difficult with the dent and all, so they started trying to jam the ball into the cannon. At that precise moment, the end of the cannon cooled from being previously shot and dented and sealed the jammed cannonball into the mouth of the cannon. It is still there, sitting in the capitol building in Providence, RI. So amazing.

Gettysburg Cannon blowing our minds.
This library!!
Photos don’t do this place any justice.
Harper found a kitty!

Harper asked a tour guide, “why is called Rhode Island when it’s not really an island?” And now we know that the Italian explorer, Giovanni da Verrazzano is to have said that when he arrived in the Narragansett bay, it reminded him of the island of Rhodes, in Greece, and so he flipped it and named it Rhode Island.

We left the capitol and went to grab lunch with Ms. Chris. We got a little lost and had to regroup, but ended up in a really cute part of town at Baja’s. It’s all part of the adventure, really. It was so great to see her, she treats me like I’m her own daughter and for that I am grateful and it just gives me the warm fuzzies.

Filling up my heart.
All of Providence is pretty darn cute.
See ya later, Providence! You’re adorable.

Next stop: Hartford, CT


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