augusta, me 7/50

State Bird: Chickadee                                                                                                                    State Flower: White Pine Cone (Not aware that this was a flower?)

We drove across some breathtaking scenery through northern Vermont, New Hampshire (saving Concord for later) and into Maine to get to Augusta. We FINALLY saw a moose in New Hampshire, and then as soon as we crossed into Maine we saw a bald eagle soaring above us. We learned that the original capital was Portland, and it was moved to Augusta because it was more of a centrally located town. Another factoid for you, Maine was formerly part of Massachusetts and when they constructed this capitol building, they modeled it after the one in Boston. There is also a secret cold war shelter that is fully stocked and staffed somewhere underground.

After we stopped in at the capitol building, we went for some lobster at little local place call The Red Barn. It’s not actually a barn, but it’s a family owned place that locals love. Chris and I split the lobster roll that they are famous for, but just ate the meat inside of the roll. (Ok, I may have nibbled on the roll a little to see how it tasted.)

We got ourselves a selfie stick!
A copper dome, a pensive 9yo and twirling 3yo.
Ah, the clouds..
Beautifully landscaped.
Harper, always climbing trees, even on capital grounds.
The Red Barn
Posie-sized outdoor seating.
Lots of parking for camper vans, this place can handle large crowds.

We decided we needed to stay at a beachfront campground since this was our first time near an ocean since we began our journey. We got in a little later than we hoped, but we couldn’t resist a walk down to the beach! We woke up the next morning ready to explore and watch the tide come in. Posie and water, y’all. Harper and climbing. There was loads to do.

The beach view from our bedroom window.
Rocks AND water!
I got my tutu wet.


She could care less how frigid that water was.
Harper was so excited to find this seagrass and tiny barnacles.
Rock climbing.
Harper found a dead crab.

One more capital marked off and added to the map!

We have to take turns putting the stickers on. It’s kind of a big deal.

Next stop: Acadia National Park!


6 thoughts on “augusta, me 7/50

  1. I am soooooo jealous that you saw a moose. My Grandparents live in Exeter New Hampshire. I have searched all over Maine and New Hampshire for moose every time I go back East and I have NEVER seen one.

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  2. When I was giving tours at VT State House and tourists would come in and say they had been to all of the other State Houses we would give them a certificate. Since you are only going to 49 you may not qualify but when you get to 49 I would ask. That is quite an accomplishment that not too many get to do.

    I have been to Maine and PA and of course VT but too many others. Did they tell you that the dome on the VT state house was red before it was gold?


    1. They were closed when we went. That’s amazing though, I can’t begin to imagine the dome RED!? We hope to fly to HI and see all 50. I didn’t know about the certification, that is certainly something we will ask about. 🙂 Thank you.


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